Cash for Junk Cars Antioch

Cash for Junk Cars Antioch

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About Cash for Junk Cars Antioch:

If you have an old car that you are no longer driving or if you have a car that you no
longer drive, for whatever reason, call us at Cash for Junk Cars Antioch.

We accept the following cars:

Junk cars
Wrecked cars
Salvaged cars
Lost titles Cars
Non-operating cars
Running cars

Junk Yard Contacts:

Phone: +1 925-350-8949
Email: No information
Web Url:


Hours of Buying Junk Cars:
Monday: 8AM–8PM
Tuesday: 8AM–8PM
Wednesday: 8AM–8PM
Thursday: 8AM–8PM
Friday: 8AM–8PM
Saturday: 8AM–8PM
Sunday: 8AM–8PM
Payment method: Cash
Special Features:
500$? No information - maybe
No Title? No information, try it
Towing? Yes
24 Hours? No
Credit Cards? No information
Pick Up Near: Contra Costa County: Antioch
Our Review:
There are a certain number of negative reviews. It is unclear how they work with phone calls - it is not always possible to call them at the office by phone.

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