Cash for Cars Bakersfield

Cash for Cars Bakersfield

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About Cash for Cars Bakersfield:

Are you ready to get rid of that old junk car that has been taking up valuable space in your driveway? Better yet, are you one of many that have an old clunker parked out in the back of your house, covered in overgrown grass and weeds? A car that you have been wanting to tow to the junkyard but don't want to pony up the cash to have it done? If any of those scenarios rings a bell, then you could benefit from selling your old junk car to Cash for Cars Bakersfield!

Junk Yard Contacts:

State / City / County: California / Bakersfield / Kern County
Address: No Address
Phone: +1 661-903-8586
Email: No information
Web Url:


Hours of Buying Junk Cars:
Monday: 8AM–6PM
Tuesday: 8AM–6PM
Wednesday: 8AM–6PM
Thursday: 8AM–6PM
Friday: 8AM–6PM
Saturday: 8AM–6PM
Sunday: 8AM–6PM
Payment method: Cash
Special Features:
500$? YES
No Title? NO
Towing? Yes
24 Hours? NO
Credit Cards? No information
Our Review:
Small enough junk car buyer, little information about the company, no contact information except for a phone number. Work only in Bakersfield. They promise to pick up your car and pay well. Weak reviews on the Internet. In general, you can successfully work. Try to find out how much they can pay for your car.

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