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About Junk Car Medics:

In August 2019, our junk car buyers purchased 8,103 cars of all makes, models, and conditions across America. Simplify the process and maximize your return when selling your car with our easy to use online valuation tool.

Junk Yard Contacts:

State / City / County: Throughout of the United States
Address: Junk Car Medics® PO Box 64002 Rochester, NY 14624
Phone: 1-855-437-9728
Email: hello@junkcarmedics.com
Web Url: junkcarmedics.com


Hours of Buying Junk Cars:
Monday: 24 Hours
Tuesday: 24 Hours
Wednesday: 24 Hours
Thursday: 24 Hours
Friday: 24 Hours
Saturday: 24 Hours
Sunday: 24 Hours
Payment method: Cash / Credit Card
Special Features:
500$? Yes! Junk Car Medics can buy your junk car for $500 and more
No Title? Yes! Junk Yard - "Junk Car Medics" can buy your no title / without title car
Towing? Yes
24 Hours? Yes, company is working 24 hours/day
Credit Cards? Yes
Pick Up Near: Throughout of the United States
Our Review:
One of the most profitable and popular junk car buyer. A big plus that work throughout the United States. Recommended for cooperation if you decide to sell your car.

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Reviews (1):
Benjamin John Collins
Benjamin John Collins   30 July 2021 13:39
2005 chevy Cobalt

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